The process of delivering a stable, reliable and manageable IT systems and infrastructure requires careful planning and execution. As a critical part of every business, IT systems both support and facilitate most business activities. The growth in reliance on these systems means that many organisations are busy ‘firefighting’ issues on a daily basis, leaving little time for strategic development of their IT systems and infrastructure. 

We offer a formal approach, delivering a strategic IT systems and infrastructure plan that is both secure and extendable ensuring IT resources are used to best support your business. 


Strategic Review

Definition phase includes outlining the costs of delivering the existing service, modeling future service delivery options and associated costs, a security audit and a network health check. 


Begin planning for the future with a rock solid business case.  Plan optimum hardware and software requirements and create report governing future service design, deployment and management processes. Meanwhile implement the tactical enhancements identified during the Strategic Review to close any security loopholes and to ensure the existing service delivers maximum benefit and performance.


Implement the strategic enhancements and gain the benefits outlined in the business case. Deliver a cost effective service that meet the challenging needs of todays’ demanding workforce.


Ensure the service is monitored, controlled and managed in a manner that guarantees high availability, continual improvement and predictable costs.


The ServiceDesk365 platform provides enhanced monitoring across all of your systems, software and hardware, and enables us be even more proactive, identifying potential issues and resolving them more efficiently thereby preventing them from becoming a problem for you.


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